Month: June 2017

Important Things to Look out for During House Inspection

One thing you might not know is that despite carrying out a home inspection, you can still end up making mistakes. This usually happens when some things slip past you during the inspection. Sadly, many people end up missing the warning signs. To help you carry out a more detailed home inspection, below are some […]

Smart Ways to Identify Fraudulent Agents

You don’t have to go through the horrid experience of falling for a rental scam before you understand how they work. This will help you avoid getting cheated when hunting for an apartment/property. Below are some tips from seasoned professionals on ways to spot a scam before it happens. No Inspection You should never forget […]

Tenants Rights in Nigeria (every tenant must read)

Tenant rights are more important than you probably realise and the first step towards protecting your rights as a tenant is to know what those rights are. Without knowing these rights, you put yourself at the mercy of landlords and caretakers in Nigeria Who is a Tenant? A tenant is a person who occupies land […]