Wealth Management in Ikoyi

Ikoyi is home to some of the wealthiest & upper-class citizens in Nigeria.

Following the clash of the Niger Delta and some oil companies, many expatriates have now been relocated to Ikoyi by their companies.

Ikoyi is highly populated with individuals and company staff who are ready, willing and able to avoid high end apartments.

At BBS NIGERIA, we have top opportunities of apartments which can be leased to cater to the high demand for residential units in Ikoyi. Some of these opportunities are listed below:

• 28 Units with Generators, Pool & Gym @ Old Ikoyi

• 18 Units of 3 Bedroom Apartments with Jetty, Pool, Gym & Generators @ Banana Island Road

• 20 Units – to be disclosed on request

• 72 Units – to be disclosed on request

• 16 Units – to be disclosed on request

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